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Ian Steppler of Miami, MB using his Ezyloader

"After the purchase of a skid steer in 2005, Ian Steppler, manager of Steppler Farms 800-1000 hive apiary, adopted a palletized management style of beekeeping and eliminated a lot of the physical work required to lift and move boxes. But the skid steer did not alleviate the most strenuous and awkward part of beekeeping - lifting heavy honey boxes off the hives during the flows.

In the fall of 2009 after an intense, heavy honey flow, Ian bought a F550 truck with a 16' deck and installed an Ezyloader 300. With this machine Ian eliminated the physical labor in lifting honey supers, and adopted the escape board method to remove the bees from the boxes. This transition from working boxes with Bee Go and blowers to a non-evasive method of clearing bees was an integral shift in Ian's business management and has allowed Ian and his workers to stand straight at the end of a heavy production season.

Ian has also switched all the hives over to a two hive migratory pallet arrangement and now transports everything with the use of the Ezyloader on his truck. Loading and unloading is done quick and easy as there is no need to pull a lift tractor behind between yards. "

Pictures and article contributed by Ian Steppler of Steppler Farms at our request. 

Thank You. Ian.


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