Herb Isaac Sales Ltd.


Frequently asked questions

Question:  How full should honey drums be? 

At least 3 inches of headspace should be left out of courtesy to the establishment using the honey.  Honey expands and can cause a messy dilemma for the packer. It causes cleanup costs (sewage & labor) not to mention the loss of the honey.

Question:   How much do you charge to list items for sale?

No charge to list good sound useable equipment.  If we are instrumental in selling your item we charge a minimum of $100. or 10% whichever the larger unless negotiated otherwise. 

Question:   Are Ezyloaders manufactured in Canada?  No. 

Ezyloaders are manufactured for the North American market in Au. and imported and distributed by Herb Isaac Sales Ltd.  The manufacturer's web site is located at:  http://www.ezyloader.com/   

In 2008, the business was acquired by M & K Stafford Engineering Pty Ltd.  The present day Ezyloader has many improvements from the original "Easyloader".  Older Ezyloaders can now be returned to AU. for refurbishing and updated to today's standards. Contact us for information.

Question:  Do you price Ezyloaders in our currency?  Definitely. 

  • If you are located in Canada we will convert from Au dollars to Canadian dollars to quote a delivered price.

  • If you are located in the USA we will convert from Au dollars to U.S. currency to quote a delivered price. 

In both instances a quote will be approximate as currencies fluctuate on a regular basis as well as freight costs fluctuate from one shipment to the next.  Customs clearance extra.  The actual price will be established on the day your payment is made.

*Note:  Currently, the US dollar vs. the Au dollar are very favorable to make a purchase!

Question:   Is the name Ezyloader or Easyloader

The name was originally Easyloader but was changed to Ezyloader many years ago.  Some older machines  may still have the name Easyloader printed on themů   Easyloaders manufactured up until 2000/2001 were painted white after that period the Ezyloaders were painted Blue and Yellow.

Question:  Which Ezyloader Models are suited to Beekeeping? 

The Models 125MH, 200MH and the 300MH   The lifting capacities and reach are included on the manufacturer's website. There is a link included on the Ezyloader page of our website.

Question:   I call but no one answers!

Please leave us a message.  We are screening for telemarketers!  Speak and let us know you are a bonafide customer and we will lift and be pleased to talk to you.  If we do not recognize your number and it is similar to those of the pesky daily telemarketers we will sometimes not pickup until we hear you speak.  Unfortunately telemarketers call and we get numerous calls daily!   We do not mind stopping what we are currently doing to speak to our customers but we get annoyed when it's a telemarketer that calls daily!  DO not call list?  Wish it worked!